I'm Ellen pleased to meet you!

I'm an illustrator, drawer, and general image creator. I love working and trying out loads of different types of media. At the moment I am writing this, I am really enjoying working with Water Soluble Graphite and Oil Paints. I have a slight addiction to collecting art supplies. Every time I go into an art shop I can't resist getting a new colour or a new art material completely!
It's my little addiction, Shhh...Don't tell anyone! 



Apart from hoarding art supplies I hardly ever use,
(I have not one but two packs of Copic markers I've never even used! Just sitting there in my cupboard)
I collect little-squished pennies from places I've been. I've even got rare ones, but in reality, they are ones that have just been miss-squished.


Another Strange thing I collect are paint sample books, I have a fair few. I'm not a serial redecorator I just love colours and colour schemes. 

I think my love of collecting stuff stemmed from playing way too many Pokemon games when I was younger, "Gotta' Catch them all!" and all that.

What Inspires you?

I've been asked that question a lot. My answers vary from "everything" to something more detailed, depending how long I have to write it or if I have a character limit.

But as I'm here sitting at my desk it allows me to really think about really does inspire me. 

Nothing actively inspires me, it's more of all the creative things I've digested in my life.
When I was younger I used to read all the time.
My favourite books had to be fairy tales and myths & legends.

Family trips to Greece in the summer really sparked my interest for the Gods and Goddess and the mythical creatures. It may not feature heavily in my work but the magic definitely fuels it.
Really anything even a little bit magical, gets me thinking in a creative way.

If I have art block sitting in a woodland area really helps me.
Must be all the nymphs and fairies!
So in short anything I like!     

  Where are you from? 

I grew up in England in a small town called Tamworth. Its claims to fame are:

  • It's the ancient capital of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia.  
  • It has a nice castle which it said to be haunted by two ghosts, it was even visited by the Most Haunted team and Derrick "felt" a presence.  

Also and my most favourite fact about my town:

  • It's home to its own little fairy like story,  "The Tamworth Two" is a real story about two little piglets that escape from a truck that's taking them to the abattoir and invaded capture for over two weeks in the woods. Because nothing ever newsworthy happens in my town, the tale of these two pigs was all over the newspapers.
    Happy ending, when they were found they got to live the rest of their lives in an animal sanctuary, Hurrah! They even made a film about it.

After normal schooling, I went to Lichfield College of Art and Design to do my BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design. Such a long title!
After that, I did an illustration degree at Plymouth Univeristy (BA Hons Illustration) 
I felt like I learnt so much from my schooling even though it was tough at times. I met so many wonderful people too, that I could talk through ideas with, really helps when art block strikes!