illustrateNow is on Twitter

I've been wanting to spread my wings to twitter, get it? Wings... Twitter bird.... yeah I'll let myself out.

I'm writing this pretty much after I created it. So please excuse it has nakedness, it's just hatched. 

Will I tire of bird related jokes? Not plucking likely! Haha. It's nice to know I can make myself laugh.

Anyway... I've wanted to get this sorted out for aaaages, I really want to build an awesome little art community where we can all grow and evolve our art skills together.

I should mention that @illustrateNow isn't me on twitter and has nothing to do with this account or me in any way. 
I think they are just squatting on the name, because of the follower base I have on Instagram.
So annoying!

So I went with the cute shorter name of @illusNow
Also, I will be still searching #illustrateNow and the new shorter tag #illusNow

Because I don't want to eat up all of you precious character space. Feel free to use either, both isn't necessary.

Hope to see you over on twitter!

Ellen, xoxo

illustrateNow Turns One Today

So I'm sure many of you have seen this post on Instagram.... 

I'm so happy I actually did a happy dance in my studio/art room!
And luckily for me, I didn't trip and fall! Wins all around today.

To have started with 0 followers and a year later have illustrateNow grow to massive 181k followers. I'm shocked and amazed. I have met so many wonderful people over the year and made some amazing friends.

I also have had my fair share of problem people, but now isn't the time to dwell on sad things.

I'm mostly happy that I kept something up, posting regularly for a whole year, now I feel like anything is possible. It just shows hard work and dedication really does pay off!

Now I just have to put that much focus on my own artwork as well.  

I'm not exactly sure how to celebrate and help you guys out at the same time. So I thought I would do mini competitions that span a few hours to a day, all this week.

So keep an eye on illustrateNow's Instagram page and/or keep and eye on here. As I will be updating the Events Page with all the mini competitions.

I hope you all join in,

Here is to another amazing year! 

Winners of 570K Summer Art Contest Revealed

Wow I and the other hosts had so many entries a whopping 370+ *Gasp*

Here are the winners:

Top Left by @bsenja51
Top Right by
Bottom Left by @milenadrawws
Bottom Right by  @oktyzynp 

Click on their names to see more of their work.

I just want to thank everyone who entered and please don't be disheartened we really did have a difficult time choosing just four out of all the amazing entries we received.

tay Creative,

Ellen xoxo

Yes Done!

I am sooooo pleased that I managed to update and fix my website, and added all the new information about illustrateNow.

I have been meaning to get this sorted for ages but I kept finding more fun things to do like drawing. 
But today I got up nice and early did a little bit of working out and thought I'd spend all day on tackling my website.

Now I think I deserve a treat, don't you?

Time to go on Jackson's Art Supplies and buy me some fancy new oil paint!

How good do these look? 
I've been experimenting with oil paint and I have seen some very good reviews about them. So I thought why not?

Plus I have to feed my art material addiction somehow. Hehe!

Now I have to excitedly bounce up and down until they get delivered.
Ugh, what a pain! 
Why won't they invent teleporters already? Or a 3D printer for paint... would that just make it a normal printer then???

Hmmm thought provoking questions indeed!

That or the paint fumes have gone to my head, knowing me it's probably the latter.

I should open a window or something in here, curse you blind for being broken!
*shakes fist in anger*

I don't mind that much, I'm a vampire at heart.

I hope your days has been just as creative

Love Ellen xoxo