Yes Done!

I am sooooo pleased that I managed to update and fix my website, and added all the new information about illustrateNow.

I have been meaning to get this sorted for ages but I kept finding more fun things to do like drawing. 
But today I got up nice and early did a little bit of working out and thought I'd spend all day on tackling my website.

Now I think I deserve a treat, don't you?

Time to go on Jackson's Art Supplies and buy me some fancy new oil paint!

How good do these look? 
I've been experimenting with oil paint and I have seen some very good reviews about them. So I thought why not?

Plus I have to feed my art material addiction somehow. Hehe!

Now I have to excitedly bounce up and down until they get delivered.
Ugh, what a pain! 
Why won't they invent teleporters already? Or a 3D printer for paint... would that just make it a normal printer then???

Hmmm thought provoking questions indeed!

That or the paint fumes have gone to my head, knowing me it's probably the latter.

I should open a window or something in here, curse you blind for being broken!
*shakes fist in anger*

I don't mind that much, I'm a vampire at heart.

I hope your days has been just as creative

Love Ellen xoxo