illustrateNow is on Twitter

I've been wanting to spread my wings to twitter, get it? Wings... Twitter bird.... yeah I'll let myself out.

I'm writing this pretty much after I created it. So please excuse it has nakedness, it's just hatched. 

Will I tire of bird related jokes? Not plucking likely! Haha. It's nice to know I can make myself laugh.

Anyway... I've wanted to get this sorted out for aaaages, I really want to build an awesome little art community where we can all grow and evolve our art skills together.

I should mention that @illustrateNow isn't me on twitter and has nothing to do with this account or me in any way. 
I think they are just squatting on the name, because of the follower base I have on Instagram.
So annoying!

So I went with the cute shorter name of @illusNow
Also, I will be still searching #illustrateNow and the new shorter tag #illusNow

Because I don't want to eat up all of you precious character space. Feel free to use either, both isn't necessary.

Hope to see you over on twitter!

Ellen, xoxo