How I Find Art Work

So you have an Instagram account and you have artwork posted up, but how do you get a feature?

It's very simple, on your Instagram post use the hashtag #illustrateNow

Sadly because of the high demand and the amount of people tagging new artwork every day I can not guarantee feature to everyone. I really wish I could, but shockingly I'm not some sort of super high-tech android.
Though that would be incredibly handy, I'd get so much done. 

What Does a Feature Look Like?


Above are some examples of what a post looks like.

  • You get your account credited in the description box
  • I will tag you in the image too.

(This way you can find it easier if you have been away from your account)

  • A nice comment will be written about your artwork
  • And hashtags will be included to give your art the best possible chance for your artwork to get seen (will be posted in the comments, to keep the caption clean)

How Long Does it Take For my Art to be Featured?

This is a very difficult question to answer. If your artwork has been chosen it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months.

I like to keep my posts to around 6 times a day, I don't want to spam my followers feeds.
Because of the high demand I have a long backlog of artwork to be posted.
Please keep tagging your artwork and be patient.

Can I Jump the Queue?

This has been a question I have been asked so much!
I have decided to offer paid features, the money helps to keep the account running and allows me more time to dedicate to new competitions and events.

Paying for a feature allows you to jump the waiting list, ideal if you want to guarantee your artwork to be seen.

For more information about this please see the Paid Features page.