What is an illustrateNow Angel?

Angels are those amazing people that want to donate money just to help me keep illustrateNow going. 

Hosting, updating the website, finding artwork, replying to messages, writing and scheduling posts all take up time and money!

Donating money allows me to dedicate time and energy to all of the above without feeling guilty that I should be doing something else. Helping you guys is really important to me.

What do illustrateNow Angels get?

Angels are people that donate that don't want a feature. 

Every week I will make a post thanking each of my Angels and giving them a little shout out. 

What do I Need to do?

Click the Donate Button 

Then select the desired amount you would like to donate

A little form will pop-up asking for some information, Instagram account name, and an optional message.
This information is only for the purpose for the illustrateNow Angels shoutout post.
Of course, all of this is completely up to you, you can leave it blank if you wish to remain anonymous.   

Donate- Become an illustrateNow Angel