3 for 2 Features


3 for 2 Features

from 28.00

Here you can buy two features and get one completely free!
For the Instagram account illustrateNow

perfect for people with multiple accounts for giving one account lots of exposure

At the moment, all three features have to be for the same length of time, sorry!

What does a feature look like and what is it?

See the images for an example of what a feature would look like.
In the description your account name is at the top (before the cut off) this allows finding your account easier. 

Your account is also tagged in the photo.

I also add popular and engaging hashtags to your post to improve the impressions of the post.

What Type of Posts?

I can post images and videos
(Carousel Instagram posts are only available for a single feature at the moment)


I have simplified the pricing structure so all posts will be posted at a "Prime Time" Normally 2pm-9:30 pm GMT for me.

12-hour feature will be deleted after 12hours of me posting it

24-hour feature will be deleted after 24hours of me posting it

Likes Perk

However, if your post gets over 1,500 likes before your feature time expires. I will turn it into a permanent post, this means the post won't be deleted.

Because of the new Instagram algorithm the longer a post is up the more people will see it, as I still get engagement from posts that are a few days old. 


Once you selected what length of feature you would like you will be prompted to fill in a form asking for the account name you want to be featured and a link to the image/artwork you would like to be posted.

Tips for which art to select

  • Choose your best artwork or the one that fits your brand the best
  • Make sure your picture is clear; Not blurry or poorly lit
  • Make sure your artwork doesn't conflict with my Terms and conditions 


If you are still confused about anything please don't hesitate to send me an email: HelloillustrateNow@gmail.com

Please don't Direct message me on instagram I get lots of messages daily and I might not see yours. 

Feature length:
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Feature Examples

I can post images and videos