Instagram Story Feature


Instagram Story Feature

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This is for:
An Instagram Story Feature on the Instagram account: illustrateNow 

This is a perfect opportunity to get your art seen by lots of real people, or for a special surprise for someone else.

What is an Instagram Story?
"Instagram Story" or "Instastory" is an image that gets deleted after 24hours.
The story appears at the top of peoples' feeds, which allows great exposure as it isn't affected by the new Instagram algorithm feed order. 

What Images?

Due to how I create the story, only images are allowed no videos please
Square to portrait images suit the format of the story best

If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to send me an email at:

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What do I get?

Along with the image, you supply you also get an account tag, (@YourUserName) this allows people to click it, and get taken directly to your account. Where they can like and follow you if they wish.

You also will be sent a DM saying that illustrateNow has tagged you in their story. This is an automatic feature by Instagram, so don't feel alarmed or any pressure to respond

How the story looks, complete with the image you supplied and a link to your account

How the Story looks published and if someone clicks on the account tag link